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Richard and his partner decided to expand their living space by acquiring a charming townhouse in Brossard. With the increasing demand for room due to their work-from-home setup, the couple eagerly anticipated their move-in date. Previously residing in a condo, they recognized the pressing need for additional space to accommodate their professional endeavors.

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Celebrating a new home with kitchen remodeling

Celebrating a new home with kitchen remodeling
The townhouse, boasting a 20-year history, had succumbed to the effects of time, particularly evident in the worn-out state of its kitchen. With an aging plumbing system consisting of unreliable flexible piping, the imminent risk of ruptures loomed over the homeowners. Furthermore, the pervasive presence of mold instilled fear, discouraging the use of the kitchen.

Determined to turn their dwelling into a modern haven, the couple wasted no time in initiating a comprehensive renovation project. Their primary objective was to breathe new life into the kitchen while simultaneously addressing any mold-related issues encountered along the way.

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